Christ United Student Ministry

The website for CYM, the youth ministry of Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL.

The safety of the students that participate in our programs is of the upmost importance to us. We are blessed with an abundance of adult volunteers, and each of these volunteers have completed a screening interview, background check and Safe Sanctuary training.  Click Here to submit a Volunteer Application and Background Check

Safe Sanctuaries is a set of guidelines set forth by the UMC to provide clear instruction to our adult volunteers on appropriate boundaries with students. You may view our Safe Sanctuaries policy by clicking here.  

Our staff members are all trained by the American Red Cross in Emergency First Aid, as well as CPR.  

A number of our students our affected by peanut allergies. Because of this our events are "Peanut Free". This means that we strive to not provide any snacks or refreshments that are known allergens. In addition we ask any students bringing in peanut laced items to leave them in their vehicles or dispose of them appropriately.