Christ United Student Ministry

The website for CYM, the youth ministry of Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL.

High Schoolers have a number of different options for worship and Bible study. 

Sunday Morning

8:00 am

 Beginning at 8am students are welcome to come join us for some hang out time. We begin serving breakfast at eight. Students may also help our staff prepare for the 9:16 Youth Worship time.  

9:16 am

 Our youth worship time is called 9:16. This is our largest gathering of students during the week. Students begin showing up as early as 8am for hangout and breakfast. At around '9:16' we gather all age groups together in our Youth Worship Space (room C211) for announcements and corporate worship led by our High School Praise Band. From there students are split up Middle School/High School for an age appropriate lesson. The High School lesson is typically taught by Jeff & Cheryl Trauthwein or Steve Sisk. 


 During the 10:40 service, we offer a Bible study in the youth lounge, which is located behind the youth kitchen. This is a more traditional Small Group/Sunday School format, it is mixed ages and gender. This class is taught by Mr. Rick Capone.  

Sunday Night

Sunday nights in the Summer look different here at Christ UMC. Each Sunday night that we are in town. we will be "On The Road". This means that normally our youth ministry will meet off campus. Typically we will be at the home of a volunteer that has a pool. Middle Schoolers will meet from 5-6:30 and High Schoolers will meet from 6:30-8. There will be snacks/drinks served but no dinner, so please eat either before you come or after you leave. The location of the pool will change each week. Please click on the Middle School or High School page to find the location of the pool for this week. 

Wednesday Night

Our Wednesday night program begins with dinner at 5:30pm. Dinner varies from week to week from burgers that we prepare to Foosackly's Chicken. Students can eat for $4. At 6:30 High School students are engaged in a Bible Study/Discussion that is typically let by a different student each week.