Christ United Student Ministry

The website for CYM, the youth ministry of Christ United Methodist Church in Mobile, AL.


Choose which activity or group to participate in based on your interests! 

DEVOTION GROUP: If you're looking for a chance to play some fun group games and listen to a short devotion or share prayer requests, this is the group for you! Middle School and High School

IN DEPTH BIBLE STUDY: Join Rev. Jeremy Steele for an in-depth Bible study that will help you focus on growing in your faith. You can expect to explore deep topics and to be challenged to think! High School Only


FOOD AND GARDEN: Learn about the importance and simple joys of gardening with Alissa Hadden and cook some delicious kitchen recipes! Middle School and High School


FINE ARTS: Every month we will focus on a different art form and work on a group project to present or perform. Starting on 9/14, the group will start working on skits for our "Good Life" series. Other artistic projects will include  choral music, basic choreography, creative art, and spoken word pieces. High School Only

MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY: Make videos, learn more about computers, the basics of photography, and learn new ways to use technology in a church setting. Middle School and High School

ART GROUP: Improve your artistic abilities every week in this fun art group. Whether you are skilled at art, or just starting out, you'll have a great time creating things of your own. Middle School Only